“If you wanted to do something absolutely honest, something true, it always turned out to be a thing that had to be done alone.”

Revolutionary Road (2008)

"When we did the underwater footage at the end, Leo was a certified scuba diver at that point and I was not," Winslet said. "He really did look after me. He was totally brilliant – he wouldn’t leave my side."

-Kate Winslet

“The audience’s reactions are more important: if people believe in the love story, it’s because they love how we’ve acted. That’s the most beautiful award. It’s very important for me, people appreciating what I do.”

-Kate Winslet

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“Everything’s done for you. Your life outside your work stops for that period of time. Then, the shoot is over. Suddenly, you have to wash your own knickers on the weekend. I always love to get back to that reality. Others don’t.”

- Kate Winslet




Favorite Scenes from TITANIC

Jack… Mister Dawson, it’s been a pleasure. I’ve sought you out to thank you, and now I have thanked you.

- And you insulted me.

Well, you deserved it.

E T E R N A L   S U N S H I N E   of the   S P O T L E S S   M I N D

I wish I had stayed too. NOW I wish I had stayed. I wish I had done a lot of things. I wish I had… I wish I had stayed. I do.

Kate said something to me once, ‘People make it harder on themselves than they need to be. In life in general, but especially actors. They take themselves too seriously.’
- Shailene Woodley

"I keep saying to Shai that she does remind me a lot of myself when I was 21."

-Kate Winslet

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